Books stacked along the roadside, not the seller, the buyer chooses and put money in the box. At the festival, there are about 80,000 writers, publishers and literary fans from around the world coming here in late May each year.

The book town of Hay-on-Wye is unique in the world

Hay-on-Wye is a small town and community on the banks of the Wye River in Powys, Wales, bordering the British border. Hay-on-Wye attracts so many “bargain hunters” in more than 40 bookstores. The town is also home to the Hay Festival, where about 80,000 writers, publishers and literary fans from around the world come here in late May each year.

It all started in 1961, when Richard Booth opened his second bookstore in Hay, in an old fire station. He hired a few healthy men from town and took them to America, bought books, and transported to Hay-on-Wye. Over time, other libraries have taken part in initiatives and started to have shelves, stores and other ways to sell old books that have appeared in every corner.

Sách xếp ngay ngắn.

The book is neat.

Lễ hội sách.

Book festival.

In the 1970s, or so known to the world, was called the “Town of Books.” Today, the town welcomes approximately 500,000 visitors per year.

Among the many bookstores in the Hay, what is unusual and interesting are the so-called “Honest Bookstores”. These bookshops, nothing more than bookshelves on the wall, are usually unattended. People simply choose books and put money in a small box. There is a base located on the grounds of Castle Hay – 12th century fort in the city center.

Sách bày la liệt dọc đường.

Books along the way.

This extended bookstore includes wooden shelves, stacked on the walls of the castle boundaries and lined with books. The price of paperback books is 10xu / book and the cardboard is 1 table.There is a small box with a slot in front and a white card saying “Pay here”.

Mọi người tự do chọn sách, lấy quyển nào trả tiền quyển đó vào hộp đựng tiền.

People freely choose books, get books to pay that money into the money box.

Một hiệu sách sang trọng hơn.

A more luxurious bookstore.

Since 1988, Hay-on-Wye has held annual “Arts and Crafts Festival”, attracting writers such as David Simon, Stephen Fry, Salman Rushdie and Simon Singh. Former President Bill Clinton described it as “The Woodstock of the Mind” (a small town in southwestern New York, which regularly hosts music festivals), the festival has expanded in recent years and now covers Includes music performances and movie previews.

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