Iceland is a strange land with white snow covered with sleeping volcanoes. Glaciers, waterfalls and the village of tranquility always have a special attraction with tourists in four directions.

Conquering Iceland: The snow-capped glaciers and sleepy volcanoes

The first day in Iceland was a real time chase because I had to race with the sunlight to catch up with Iceland ‘s majestic nature.

Pick up at Fosshotel at 7.30am. Speaking is bright but everything is dark om om, this season the sun began to appear around noon. The road is long and tired, in return we will be watching the beautiful landscape in Iceland .


The most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland

Seljalandsfoss is rated as the best waterfall in Iceland by GuideToIceland. From far away, Seljalandsfoss is like a white silk band traveling from the top to the ground, forming a small stream that flows to the sea. The two sides are a fairy scene with grass spread to the horizon of yellow fire dyed.

Our guides say that if we come here in the summer, countless species of flowers will grow around and create a more vivid picture than this. This man exclaimed excitedly, “I used to bring a couple here to take a picture and they were filming under the waterfall in June.”

We arrived at Seljalandsfoss at 10am but everything was still dark. Fortunately, the area around the waterfall is always lit and you just take a short exposure (exposure) can capture the beauty of the waterfall.


The outside temperature was about 0 degrees Celsius, I stood amazed by the magnificent beauty of Seljalandsfoss. From above, each water rushed down, fluttering like a strip of phosphorus in the middle of the sky.

We walked along the small stream at the head of the waterfall. This season, the grass is almost undeveloped, with some low grass remaining from late autumn. Tape begins to thicken on dry land.

The new day in Iceland usually starts at 11am, I stop for a moment to watch the sky rise. The weakest rays were not enough to dispel the cold winter.

As the sun rose, we returned to the village of Vík, a small village overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Peace side of the village of Vík, watching the stone monument on the beach of Black Sand

Perhaps Vík is my favorite place to visit because the setting here reminds me a lot about Hallstatt in Austria.

The same small village as Hallstatt, but more calm and quiet. A truly lovely village on the south coast of Iceland.

The village is 180 km from Reykjavik with sparse populations. The scenery in Vík really makes visitors uncomfortable with the old houses leaning back to the mountains covered with snow, facing the front of the Atlantic Ocean.


Speaking of the sea, I quickly left the village and followed the waves off the coast. Indigenous people remind me that the Atlantic waves are very strong and unpredictable.

Looking towards the far side you will see the beautiful and sharp stones created by Mother Nature. The beach here is not like in the tropical countries, the black sand dominates the majority and gives this place a mysterious beauty as stepping out from the movie fiction.


I never thought to stick somewhere until until Vík. The quiet, small village of always know how to cling to visitors in a very hard description.

I sit in front of the house has fallen yellow color over time, imagine the life of your wish. At that time I will rent a small house in the village, on the beach to see the sunrise and sunset. At the end of the day, I returned to the small house and leaned back on the mountain.

Every Sunday I would go to church and live with my prayers. And I will write the books, the long, emotional books that I have for Vík.

Suffocate in Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon

Perhaps today is the happiest day of my life, but also my “best day”. It was winter climbing, but I did not have the experience, stepping on the ice and rumbling down. Overall, I dropped no less than five times on the thick ice in Fjaðrárgljúfur alley.

If the places I once called heaven, then this canyon broke all my words.


Located 250 m from the capital, Reyjkavik, the Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon is a long trek into the wilderness.

This place is not suitable for older people because of its hardship. The entire walk to the cliffs is frozen. This hinders access so that visitors can view the entire canyon.

We had to sit down to the slippery slope and use our hands to do the paddles to step on the other side, where the snow could travel normally.

If you have come here, do not stand outside, go to the steep mountain and try to look down to the depth of more than 200 meters upright. At that time, we shared the same feeling: fear and provocation.

Jökulsárlón, the largest glacier in Europe

If at noon we are overwhelmed at the deep gorges and in the afternoon again admire the true Arctic beauty: Icebergs in the Ice Lagoon Jokulsárlón.

This is the place to be chosen to film such films as Batman Begins, James Bond, Lara Croft. The glacier swells up and becomes the deepest lake in Iceland at a depth of 248 meters.

I like to breathe again when the scenery here is as majestic as I imagined the Arctic.


The deep blue icebergs, snow-clearing white, create a perfect space for any picture. I only know silent and panoramic view of the wonderful architecture of nature.

I looked around and thought there would be no live animals, but I was wrong. Underneath the thick ice sheets there are countless fish and seals living easily.

Do not forget to visit the Crystal Beach next door to watch the ice on the black sand beach.


If you have been to Iceland, go to the Ice Lagoon to see why this place is called Iceland. Follow the main road running along the sea, you will see huge icebergs spilling over into the sea.

Some old ice cubes are deeply ingrained in warm water, creating bluish blue crystals, sparkling under the sun that look incredibly eye-catching. In the distance, each flock of birds still floats over huge ice blocks.

Because Ice Lagoon is located close to the sea, the wind is very large, so it’s best to bring a special windbreaker as the temperature may be -1 degrees Celsius, but the wind will feel like -10 degrees Celsius so


If you come here to fully explore the beauty of Southern Iceland, it is best to rent a car to travel.If you do not, contact the hotel to book a day tour, and you can enjoy the scenic surroundings and do not worry about safety when driving.

Please note that these tours do not include lunch, so you can pack food or eat at a stop-over at a cost of ISK 1.500-3.000 per person. This tour price is from ISK 13,500 per person.

If you want to use public transport to explore, then it’s best to give up the idea that the bus here is not going to be that far.


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