Once dubbed the “ghost town” in Cambodia, the Bokor Plateau offers visitors the ruins of old French buildings, ruined by hidden dark haze. However, after many years of development, this place has revived and become a tourist attraction extremely attractive to many visitors to explore the mysterious beauty.

In the early 1920s, the French colonial Cambodians discovered the Bokor Plateau has an ideal location and climate should have built here resort for soldiers and the royal family.


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A wide range of facilities catering to the needs of cultural and entertainment complexes are being built such as churches, post offices, schools, hotels and casinos.


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The 1950s and 1960s were the golden age of Bokor, but then when France withdrew it became deserted, almost completely closed for a long time.


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The remains of the wild are still visible in the ancient architecture, mosaic wall covered and ruined. It is also because of the despair that once Bokor was dubbed “ghost town” with many mysterious stories.


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After nearly half a century of sleep, Bokor Plateau was revived back in 1993 when it was decided to establish Bokor National Park. From then on, resorts, resorts, casinos, restaurants … racing to grow up gives Bokor a new vitality, more attractive in the eyes of visitors. Thansur Bokor Highland Resort. There are many high-class services with 5 star standard, swimming pool, restaurant, casino, bar, karaoke room in Vietnam and entertainment area for children.

Thuộc vùng cao nguyên Bokor, du khách đừng quên ghé thăm và khám phá thác nước Popokvil. Thác Popokvil nằm giữa thiên nhiên, gồm có 2 tầng thác nước, xung quanh là cây cỏ xanh tươi, tạo nên một bức tranh sơn thủy tuyệt đẹp. Vào mùa mưa từ tháng 5 đến tháng 10 là thời điểm lý tưởng để du khách ngắm cảnh thác vào lúc đẹp nhất và thỏa thích tắm mát. Ảnh:@gaeva_ekaterina

Belonging to the Bokor Plateau, do not forget to visit and explore the Popokvil Waterfall. Popokvil falls between nature, including two waterfalls, surrounded by green grass, creating a beautiful watercolor painting. In the rainy season from May to October is the ideal time for visitors to enjoy the beautiful scenery and enjoy a cool bath. Photo: @gaeva_ekaterina


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Trên đường xuống biển Sihanoukville và đi ngược lên cao nguyên Bokor, du khách sẽ đều bắt gặp bức tượng thờ thánh nữ Ya Mao khổng lồ tọa lạc bên đường. Với người Campuchia, Bokor được cai quản bởi thánh nữ Ya Mao, người phụ nữ gắn liền với truyền thuyết tìm chồng, bà được nhiều người dân Campuchia tôn kính khi được bà che chở trên những cung đường lên Bokor. Ảnh:@afterkampot

On the way down to the Sihanoukville Sea and back up to the Bokor Plateau, you will encounter the giant statue of St. Maria Mao Ya on the side of the road. With Cambodians, Bokor is governed by Saint Ya Mao, a woman associated with the legend of her husband, who was revered by Cambodians when she was sheltered on the streets of Bokor. Photo: @afterkampot


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Bokor Plateau is located in the Bokor National Park area of ​​Kampot Province, Cambodia. From the Kampot Plain, you have to pass a 32 km long pass to reach the top of the mountain. Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the plain life, the winding road with the enormous blue of the forest, the birds singing, the ringing of the animal … Feeling overwhelmed with the bends of the sleeves The blue of the sky, the sea of ​​pristine forests that open before the eyes, make visitors first come here to be dumbfounded by the beauty of the country’s most beautiful pass.


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The higher the temperature, the lower the temperature, clouds cover the mountain to give the Bokor Plateau a mysterious beauty, mysterious, attractive.


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