What is Boracay, El Nido and then Cebu, why do people flock to the Philippines this summer? Besides the beautiful sea, near Vietnam, the friendly people also reasons why the Philippines attract more and more tourists…

Beautiful sea paradise island

Comprising more than 7,000 islands with smooth white sand beaches, the Philippines owns many paradise destinations such as Boracay, El Nido, Cebu, Coron and Palawan. Many visitors love the sea. This is a great destination for you to relax, rest, relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Biển trời xanh ngắt như  “thiên đường nơi hạ giới”. Ảnh: Buzzfeed

The blue sky is like the “heaven on earth”. Photo: Buzzfeed

Còn gì tuyệt hơn khi được nằm thư giãn bên bãi biển lộng gió như thế này. Ảnh: Erwin Suficiencia

There is nothing better than relaxing on this windswept beach. Photo: Erwin Suficiencia

Most of the beaches in the Philippines are surrounded by lush green mountains and many of the beaches are ideal for surfing.

Khung cảnh bình yên đầy thơ mộng ở Palawan. Ảnh:

Palawan’s peaceful scenery. Photo:

In addition to the white sand beaches we often see, there are also many impressive sandy beaches and dark sand.

Bãi biển có màu hồng đặc biệt ở Great Santa Cruz. Ảnh:

The beach has a special pink color in Great Santa Cruz, Zamboanga. Photo:

Sở dĩ, bãi biển Zamboanga có bãi cát màu hồng là do sự hòa trộn giữa cát trắng tinh và xác của san hô đỏ dưới biển đã tạo nên màu sắc đặc biệt. Ảnh:

In Zamboanga beach there is a pink sandy beach due to the mixture of white sand and the coral of the red coral under the sea that creates a special color. Photo:

Ideal destination for scuba diving

Dubbed the country of thousands of islands, the Philippines is considered one of the most attractive diving sites in the world. In the Philippines you can experience scuba diving on Apo Island, Honda Bay, Tubbataha Reef, Puerto Galera or Malapascua, …

Đảo Apo là một trong những địa điểm lặn biển được yêu thích nhất nhờ những rặng san hô đa dạng và nhiều màu sắc. Ảnh:

Apo Island is one of the most popular diving sites thanks to its diverse and colorful coral reefs.Photo:

Những rặng san hô màu sắc rực rỡ ngoài khơi của Philippines luôn kích thích sự tò mò của du khách tới khám phá. Ảnh:

The colorful coral reef off the coast of the Philippines always stimulates the curiosity of visitors to explore. Photo:

Most of these sites have an abundant and diverse aquatic organism, with extensive coral reefs and abundant marine life such as whale sharks and sperm whales. Fully contemplate the beauty of the aquatic beauty of the Philippine Sea.

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There are countless attractions

In addition to more than 7,000 large and small islands, the island nation also owns countless natural wonders and attractions such as more than 1,000 hills of Socola, underground river systems, caves, waterfalls. Water or terraced fields more than 2,000 years old …

Sông ngầm Puerto Princesa. Ảnh: Richard Raba

Puerto Princesa River. Photo by Richard Raba

Hoàng hôn ở đồi Socola. Ảnh: Tradyblix

Sunset at the Hill of Socola. Photo: Tradyblix

Những thửa ruộng bậc thang hùng vĩ. Ảnh:

The majestic terraced fields. Photo:

Many colorful festivals

The Philippines is a country with very unique national identity, personality. Festivals that take place in the Philippines often have a clever blend of tradition and modernity, creating a bizarre attraction, always crowded with participants, including local and foreign visitors.

Because of the influence of a particularly blended culture between Spain, China and the United States, and under the domination of Spain, Filipino culture is nowadays influenced most by today. From Spanish style.

Vào các dịp lễ hội lớn người dân thường mặc trang phục truyền thống và nhảy múa tưng bừng. Ảnh:

At festive occasions people usually wear traditional costumes and dance jubilantly. Photo:

Over the course of one year, there are numerous traditional activities on the island, many of which are celebrated at the Ati-Atihan festival, the Sinulog festival, the Dinagyang festival, the Panagbenga festival … The highlight of the festival is the festival. Sinulog is held every January.The festival is celebrated to commemorate Saint Santo Nino, the Messiah. The Sinulog takes place throughout the week with colorful brightly colored parades, beauty contests and street dancing, attracting the attention of countless visitors.

Khung cảnh rực rỡ sắc màu ở lễ hội Sinulog. Ảnh:

Scenic splendor at the Sinulog Festival. Photo:

Many mountains are suitable for hiking activities

Renowned for its dramatic wildlife scenery, the many active volcanoes and the largest and highest terraced fields in the world, it is no surprise that the Philippines is the destination of choice for many travelers. Does the hiking. You can take trekking trips to the summit of Taal Volcano, go to the Tukuran waterfalls or wander through Cordilleras on the Luzon island.



Ảnh: Getty

Photo: Getty

Convenient transportation and language

The types of transportation in the Philippines are varied, you can travel by airplane, rail, jeepney, taxi, bus, carriage, tricycle … Also, you can also enjoy the scenery. The colors of the islands are in traditional Banca rustic boats.

Những chiếc xe đủ màu đủ sắc Jeepney đã trở thành phương tiện công cộng chính yếu, đồng thời cũng là biểu tượng văn hóa đặc trưng ở Philippines. Ảnh:

Colorful Jeepney cars have become a major public transport and symbol of the Philippines. Photo:

Tricycle là loại xe khá phổ biến tại các thành phố và khu du lịch ở Philippines. Ảnh:

Tricycle is a popular vehicle in many cities and resorts in the Philippines. Photo:

In addition, English has been the main language of the Philippines since 1935 and is used extensively in more than 7,000 islands of the country, so when traveling to the island nation you will not have to worry about communication. , Chat with locals.

People are friendly and hospitable

Filipinos have long been known for their great hospitality, enthusiasm and warm hospitality. All are always smiling, welcoming every tourist from afar. Guests will find native speakers very fond of singing and dancing whenever there is a festival or exchange program. They are always ready to welcome visitors, share and help you throughout your travel itinerary.

Một góc phố đông đúc ở Philippines. Ảnh: Chigi Kanbe/

A crowded street corner in the Philippines. Photo: Chigi Kanbe /

Người dân Philippines vô cùng mến khách và nồng hậu. Ảnh:


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