Situated on Thailand ‘s far-westernmost land, Mae Hong Son is bordered by the famous Thai-Myanmar border with many small, peaceful and quiet towns.

Thai tourism explore Mae Hong Son dreaming

Núi rừng trùng điệp, quan sát trên đường đến Mae Hong Son - Ảnh: Trùng Dương

Mountain of the same message, observed on the road to Mae Hong Son – Photo: Trung Duong

Traveling to Thailand , I arrived at the capital of Mae Hong Son on a sunny, sunny morning in the heart of a mountain, water-loving country in a remote place of the Golden Temple country.

The province is located amidst mountains and has a cooler climate than other parts of Thailand.

The passage of dangerous pass

There is no direct flight from Bangkok to Mae Hong Son, so when I land in Bangkok, I catch a flight to Chiang Mai, then take a 6-7 hour bus to Mae Hong Son (you can catch the trip Domestic flights from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son).

Một góc con đèo quanh co, uốn lượn từ Chiang Mai lên Mae Hong Son - Ảnh: Trùng Dương

A corner of the winding pass, winding from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son – Photo: Trung Duong

Many people think that “specialty” Mae Hong Son hospitality guests are only the crossroads steep slope, winding with about 1,864 curvature danger. But fortunately, Mae Hong Son welcomes me to have more sympathy, because the beams of blooming blooms, blazing gold in a majestic mountain.

Somewhere in the jungle, tiny flowers bloom along the rugged path, radiating scented cool across the vast sky. Particularly the thin trees, sitting in the car, visitors can see the green mountains below, vast skyline.

In the middle of the street, I had a chance to visit the poetic town of Pai (3 hours drive from Mae Hong Son). The small town in the town is full of garden cafés, bars, grocery stores, restaurants …

Một khu vườn cà phê nhìn ngắm ngọn đồi phía xa xa ở Pai - Ảnh: Trùng Dương

A coffee garden overlooking the hills far away in Pai – Photo: Trung Duong

Silent village, quiet in the clouds and mountains are clear, gentle, easy to add “addicted” many visitors. And of course, in the middle of the mountain town, nothing is more wonderful than enjoying a cool beer in the glittering jazz music.

Góc phố Pai - Ảnh: Instagram

Pai street corner – Photo: Instagram

And when night fell, the whole town brightened under the bright yellow lights, making people warm in the cold cut the mountain city. Cross visitors crossed over the fun conversation, this strange “neighborhood” as never sleep early.

Come on drunk and love

Goodbye Pai, I boarded the car continue to journey to the capital of Mae Hong Son. On the way, the car crossed two military checkpoints, making it a little worried about the land adjoining the border.

Những con phố, căn nhà ngập nắng trong cái men lạnh của phố núi. Mae Hong Son có cái gì đó khiến người ta muốn trở lại lần nữa - Ảnh: Trùng Dương

The streets, the house sunk in the cold yeast of the mountain town. Mae Hong Son has something that makes people want to come back again – Photo: Trung Duong

The capital of Mae Hong Son seems to be just a pretty town with winding, winding streets like Da Lat street. The place is decent, no storks, storks or services to “soul” visitors.

People are happy and affectionate. The rhythm of life is not boring, nor bustling like the city. For me, Mae Hong Son is a special mountain town version, only slowing down, we know what the mountain town whispers.

Getting to Mae Hong Son, not renting two wheels is a serious shortcoming. How can you feel the beauty of it if you do not explore the narrow streets, winding alleyways, crowded cliffs, golden scorpions, porcelain and banana trees … intermingled with houses Prasart style roof fun.

Also try a visit, worship Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu is located on the top of the windswept hill.On it, tourists can see the panorama of Mae Hong Son city and the isolated airport.

Đỉnh tháp ở chùa Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu - Ảnh: Trùng Dương

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu temple – Picture: Trung Duong

Chùa Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu - Ảnh: Trùng Dương

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu – Photo: Trung Duong

Continue for more than 40km, we have the opportunity to visit a series of rice fields on the roadside or lake Pang Oung dreaming fresh air.

Khu hồ Pang Oung thơ mộng

The poetic Pang Oung Lake

Một góc hồ Pang Oung - Ảnh: Trùng Dương

A corner of Pang Oung lake – Photo: Trung Duong

The final destination is Ban Rak Thai village nestled on the highest point of Mae Hong Son Province, 1 km from the Thai border and Myanmar. This is an exile village in the country, famous for its green slushy tea hills and traditional jars of up to ten years of age.

Một góc hồ Pang Oung - Ảnh: Trùng Dương

A corner of Pang Oung lake – Photo: Trung Duong

Làng Ban Rak Thai - Ảnh: Trùng Dương

Khung cảnh đồi núi xanh ngút ngàn với sông nước hữu tình đã biến nơi đây trở thành một bức tranh sông nước tổng thể tuyệt đẹp.

The hilly green hills with charming waterways have turned this place into a beautiful river.

Mae Hong Son in me is like that … no matter how turning back day it is, the more bustling, I always believe, I still love it like the first day to come here.


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