Watching the crater of the volcanic crater, diving with jellyfish in the Togean Islands, or resting on the white sand of the world-famous beach, is an unforgettable experience for visitors to the island nation.

9 experiences to try when traveling Indonesia

With more than 18,000 large and small islands, Indonesia is known for its diverse nature and tourist attractions. Here are nine experiences you should not miss when visiting Indonesia.

Watch the sunrise on the top of the volcano

Indonesia has a myriad of large and small volcanoes formed on diverse natural landscapes that are popular with many mountaineers. It must mention the Api Mountain, which is like the miniature Mount Fuji, located on the Banda Islands 666 m high. Visitors can climb continuously for 3 hours to reach the top.

Other worth exploring mountains are Agung Mountain in Bali, Rinjani in Lombok, Bromo or Merapi in Java. Trekking trips can take from several hours to several days, and there is always a guide. The reward of these adventures is the scenery of the sunrise or sunset beautiful people.

Bình minh bắt đầu lên trên đỉnh núi Merapi. Ảnh: Phong Vinh.

Sunrise begins at Mount Merapi. Photo: Phong Vinh.

Visit Komodo Island Dragon Island

Komodo Dragon Island is Indonesia’s most famous national park consisting of a number of small islands and diverse waters within 1,817 square kilometers. Most of the island here is covered by desert, trails are paths. This place is also known as one of the Komodo dragons – the largest lizard in the world still living in nature. The sea around the island also has large fish species, especially sharks and rays, in large numbers.

Visit the world’s largest Buddhist monastery Borobudur

As the highlight of most of Indonesia’s tourism , the Borobudur Temple Complex has spectacular and famous views under the heyday of Javanese Buddhism in the 9th century. Today, this place is an important site of the Buddha It is one of the most beautiful temples in South Asia. The temple consists of six square floors with nearly 1,500 tables depicting Buddhist teachings and stories. In particular, 32 Buddha statues carved with stone meditation postures are placed on the top floor of the temple.

Bức tượng Phật ở Borobudur. Ảnh: Phong Vinh.

Buddha statue in Borobudur. Photo: Phong Vinh

Dive with Jellyfish in the Togean Islands

The tropical islands of Togean are known for their fresh, white sand beaches surrounded by lush green coconut groves, small fishing villages, many eye-catching homestays, and especially beautiful scuba diving spots. Shout majestic. There is also a natural jellyfish lake where visitors can swim along with thousands of jellyfish. You can forget about all social networks because internet access and cellular coverage here are almost zero.

Hand-feed enjoyment

Indonesia’s rich cuisine is displayed in each region. Each place will have a different processing style and flavor depending on the spices, especially the way they use chili, coriander, citronella, coconut and palm sugar. Sate, nasi goreng (fried rice) and gado gado (vegetables with peanut sauce) are some of the very popular Indonesian dishes that you should try. Especially many dishes of the country’s ten thousand tourists have to enjoy the hand as indigenous people feel the pleasure.

See traditional dances in Bali

Enjoying Balinese dance is also a highlight of the trip to Indonesia’s most famous island. Lively sounds, subtle outfits, choreographies and even humor will be delivered to you in a relaxed manner.

This traditional dance is often accompanied by music played by a group of instrumentalists called “gamelan”. The sound of this charming percussion is both optimistic and haunting as the highlight of nightlife in Ubud – the cultural center of Bali.

A night in the capital Jakarta

The capital Jakarta is often referred to as a mysterious feast for devotees who spend the night.Indonesia is a country where traditional Islamic culture is ingrained in everyday life, but in Jakarta, travelers find modern, vibrant urban life. The 1970s’ big, classic-era bars, rock venues and electronic clubs are available in most central routes like many other modern cities. Not only that, the street food cafeteria with rich food open all night always busy.

Explore the land buried on the Toraja cliff

Life revolves around death, notably in Toraja, on Sulawesi. Visitors can take part in a funeral in this area. The ceremony usually takes place at the end of the day, beginning with the big bullfights, followed by a series of prayer days, culinary and dance festivities.

Finally, the deceased was taken to their resting place. The special thing is that the carcass is hung on the surface of the cliff in wooden boxes, in caves, or in tree sockets where people believe that there is a god of protection.

Xác người được treo lơ lửng trên vách đá ở Toraja. Ảnh: Phong Vinh.

The body was suspended on a cliff in Toraja. Photo: Phong Vinh.

A large beach lunch on Karimunjawa Island

Located 90 km north of Java, Karimunjawa is a remote and wilderness archipelago but still accessible by ferry and flight from Semarang or Surabaya. The archipelago consists of 27 large and small islands, some uninhabited and not restricted to visitors. However, most of these islands are accessible by daily tours from Karimunjawa Island. You can go on a jungle trek and camp on mountain peaks, resting on the white sand under the shade of coconut groves. A special experience you should not miss is having lunch on an uninhabited island, with a natural grilled fish dish prepared by indigenous peoples.


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