Not crowded Manila, not Boracay Island famous for many tourists, go to Fortune Island, Palaui or Bohol …

1. Onuk Island, Palawan

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Onuk Island is an exciting tourist destination in the Palawan Islands. You will surely feel overwhelmed by the beauty of the beaches in the blue sand on the island. Vibrant, magnificent and extremely serene, the island has absolutely no wi-fi and other electronic devices like TVs, even telephony services are extremely limited. So, if you choose a place to rest without having to worry about work, do not hesitate to come here.

2. Batanes

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Located in the northernmost part of the Philippines, it is one of the most storm-prone areas in the country. Therefore, the inhabitants here – the Ivatians – are accustomed to living with disasters by building a solid home. Despite being a stormy place, Batanes remains an attractive tourist destination of the Philippines . You can easily watch the blue sea on the rocky mountains around here. As a remote and sparsely populated place, this is a perfect place to pamper you.

3. Fortune Island, Batangas

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The island is one of the most magical places and will definitely make you feel like you are living in Greek myths. Well known for its Greek-inspired works, you can participate in many activities to relax like swimming, hiking or diving.

4. Siquiijor

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As a place to be rumored to be able to heal wounds, you can find many beautiful beaches here such as Salagdoong, Kagusan and Paliton. In addition, places like the Cambugahay Waterfalls, Bandilaan Mountain Nature Park, Guiwanon Park and the Basilica of the Holy Isidore de Labrador will also make you feel relaxed.

5. Sagad

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Located quite far from Manila but will be a place worthy of the time you spend to be able to set foot here. When you arrive in Sumaguin Cave or Kiltepan Mountain, you will feel comfortable and happy by their beauty.

6. Bohol

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Bohol is the perfect place for those who love the beautiful scenery. Well known for its historical sites, this is also where you can find many places for rest and relaxation like Panglao and Anda.It is even more amazing that you have the opportunity to admire the wonders of nature when you come here.

7. Palaui Island, Cagayan Island

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The island is a relatively mysterious place even for indigenous peoples. Considered by CNN to own the best beaches, this is definitely a perfect destination, especially for those who love climbing because Palaui is made up of mountains and grasslands. Moreover, the island also has quite famous places such as the lighthouse in Engano Cape.

8. Southern land of Cebu City

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It sounds a bit weird, but this is a place that is suitable for vacation. When you are tired of the urban lifestyle, then you realize that life in the countryside of this city is a perfect place to enjoy the fun. From the beautiful areas of Mount Osmena to the sacred and eye-catching Simala temples of Sibonga, all are worth exploring.

9. El Nido, Palawan

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In addition to the crowded population, El Nido is a very interesting place with mangrove forests, waterfalls and beautiful beaches. This is an ideal place to relax your mind.

10. Mount Pulag

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If you want to enjoy a wonderful trek like never before, come here. Pulag is the highest mountain in the Philippines and climbing to the top of the mountain is not easy at all, but this is a great opportunity for you to enjoy the excitement. Often referred to as “the playground of the gods,” the mountain will give you new perspectives on the beauty of nature.

11. Batad, Ifugao

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Many people come to Batad to calm down. Here, you can admire the terraced fields known as “the 8th natural wonders of the world.” Batad is a remote place, so you will not have to worry about work. I do not have much internet connection here.

12. Apo Island

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The island will surprise you with beautiful rocky mountains and exciting beaches. As one of the most famous diving spots in the world, Apo is home to the most friendly sea turtles and you will quickly catch them when diving here.

13. Calaguas, Bicol

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This place does not have the modern facilities so you are completely comfortable when coming to this land. If you need a break to recover your health, come here to enjoy the wonderful beaches on the island. Whenever you need to relax or get away from the hectic urban lifestyle, come here to enjoy a fun-filled life on the island.

14. Camiguin

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It is the second smallest province in the Philippines, but there is no shortage of interesting destinations. Once you’ve arrived here, explore the famous sites of White Island, Mantiguy Island, Underwater Cemetery, Katigbawasan Falls as well as other places.

15. Guimaras

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As one of the best tourist island in the Philippines, you can enjoy life in the most relaxed way when you come here. The white sandy beach and the tropical climate of Southeast Asia here attracts many visitors. In addition, the island also has famous landmarks such as the Guise lighthouse, Balaan Bukid and the monastery of the clergy Thien Tam.


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