To avoid dilemma in Thailand , you should keep in mind some of the following.

10 note about the tourist should know when traveling to Thailand

Thailand is always one of the world famous tourist destination for all kinds of visitors. It is also a vacation paradise and especially the tourist service of the Thai people is always great. But Thailand has many cultural differences, especially when compared to the West, especially the customs and social norms. Not a tourist who wants to make mistakes in behaving in a foreign country. Therefore, to avoid falling into the dilemma of traveling to Thailand , you should keep in mind some of the following.

Not talking about the King


Once you have come to Thailand , you will soon realize that the people here are very respectful of the King. This can be seen clearly through his image everywhere. The Thai people are very sensitive to anything that shows disrespect to the King. To avoid this, it is best not to mention the King in any way. Also, do not step on coin or paper money, because it contains the image of the King, and that action is considered an offense.

Do not touch the head


Never touch anyone’s head in Thailand (including children), even if you do not actually do it. You should also know that the head is considered a sacred thing in Thailand. Similarly, try to avoid pointing your legs towards others. This action is considered disrespectful, so if you sit opposite someone on public transport, try to adjust your feet slightly to the side.

Dress appropriately when visiting the temple


Traveling to Thailand , when visiting any temple, monastery, pagoda, palace or any religious place, the most important thing is to wear a knee-length, to respect. Long sleeves and trousers are the safest attire to avoid being judged as culturally inadequate. Also, when entering these locations you should check if other people have taken off their shoes, if so, you should also follow.

Be careful with some massage services


In Thailand there is a very rich and affordable massage service, so do not hesitate to experience it once (or many times) during your trip. But be careful with any massage parlor with a sign saying “Happy girls” or anything related to girls or women. This is almost certain that the shop is a brothel.

Take off your shoes


When visiting someone’s home or visiting temples, religious sites, you should consider whether or not you have to take off your shoes. If so, remove your shoes as a way of showing respect.One more thing to notice is never to step into the door when you come to visit because they believe it is where the souls of the deceased live.



Wai is an important part of the Thai customs and habits, used to express gratitude, apologize, greeting or goodbye … This is a gesture consisting of lightweight, simultaneous movement. Hands pressed against each other in the manner of prayer in front of the chest. There are many strict rules in using Wai so the best foreigner should avoid doing this gesture even if someone greet you with a Wai. In most cases, a smile or nod is the safest way for visitors to greet.Foreigners using Wai in the wrong way can put Thai people in a difficult situation.

Eat with a spoon


This is something Western visitors need to get used to. Direct dish to eat is considered rude in Thailand. You should always remember to eat with a spoon, the forks are only used to feed the spoon. If you do not want to see the passers-by while you are eating, you should keep this in mind.

Monk in thai


There are some rules when dealing with monks in Thailand. You will be very easy to meet the monks on the street and they are very open. Women never touch their monk or cloak, even outside the temple. If a woman touches, the monk will have to do cleansing ceremony. If a woman wants to give something to a monk, it is best to put it on the floor or give it to men so they can hand it over to the monk.

Stop at 8am and 6pm


In Bangkok, the national anthem is played every day between 8am and 6pm. If you are in public at these two times, show respect by stopping things and standing still until the song ends. If you are sitting, stand up when the song resounds. Do not be the only one who continues to walk while all other Thai people stand up for reverence.

Keep calm

Thailand is called “the land of smiles” is not without reason. Thai people are very friendly and they will try to minimize collisions. People who express anger or initiate conflict, especially in public, will be considered poorly-informed. Always keep a calm and gentle attitude, even when faced with serious situations.


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